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A modern management system, medical practice and technology is to be a preferred healthcare institution at international standards.

Specialist Doctors

In all units, examination, open and closed interventional procedures are carried out by specialist doctors and a permanent solution is aimed.


With our check-up packages, you can determine your possible health problems in advance and have the chance of early diagnosis and treatment.


We are always with you for a healthy tomorrow!

We are meeting with you, our valuable patients, in Küçükçekmece region with the physical infrastructure, academic and expert staff, modern medical device technology of Private Küçükçekmece Hospital, which started its operations in Küçükçekmece in 2021.

Talk about national and quality standard implementation and training; It provides a friendly, targeted and life-oriented health service in an environment that pays maximum attention to the patient and his goals, continues with the result and adopts the principle of benefiting from the customer.

In the light of technological and scientific developments, it is to meet the expectations as a hospital that adopts the principle of providing services at international standards in terms of patient and employee satisfaction with a management approach that constantly improves itself with corporate training policies.